Sustainability family — what’s next

It seems that a lot of time has passed by, but there have not been significant changes due to COVID-19, which impacts my initiative of sustainability for families.

My initiative is broadly divided into two — to what extent one can increase sustainability in a family setting, and how to bring other families along to this new way of living. On the family side, things are going well and continue the contribution to a sustainable living. However, my main strategies to engage other families were to “show and tell” of how one could improve the current way of doing things, and to “convince” others family members with small conversation that would spark potential actions. But the current circumstances and quarantine restrictions present a significant challenge as a physical presence, the “being there” was effective, and I considered a vital component to achieving the success of this initiative. So my next step is to research into other leadership strategies that are successful in remote settings (such as workplace environment) and to understand in-depth how other organisations (e.g. NGOs) continue the engagement with the public under COVID. I am open for suggestions here :)

I am positive that with this (more academic) work, I can perhaps uncover other elements, and by taking this step back, ideally even increase the effectiveness that I had in the past.